Pre -workout supplements for strength

For an intense workout session try this combination before training , you will have more energy and strength increased .

Pre- workout combination .Take these supplements an hour before workout

Whey protein - 20 grams
Caffeine - 100-400 mg
Taurine - 1-3 grams

  • Whey protein - is the fastest protein digestion, amino acids rapidly provides circulatory system that stops the destruction of muscle tissue during training and quick start muscle growth after the end antrenamentul.Zerul has the highest concentration of branched chain amino acids ( BCAA - leucine , valine , isoleucine ) . leucine stimulates insulin growth ( this leads daily glucose amino acids into muscle cells ) . Whey also contains peptides ( small protein fragments ) that dilates blood vessels thus help to better and increase pumping nutrient intake , oxygen and hormones to muscle.

  •     Caffeine - besides boosting energy, according to a study by the University of Nebraska ( Lincoln ) found an increase in strength , subjects who consumed caffeine prior to bench press were stronger with 2.5 kg than when not taken more first cafeina.Cafeina attenuates muscular discomfort during exercise , so besides the fact that it will help to lift heavier weights can help and do more reps with more weight mare.Aceasta also helps to burn fat during exercise.
  •     Taurine - Taurine maintaining at a high level is essential to maintain strength while you antrenati.Taurina helps maintain strength , some research suggests that taurine may increase exercise time to exhaustion by 50%. Taurine prevents the onset of fatigue due to properties antioxidant and helps recuperare.La as creatine , taurine transport in muscle cells during exercise more fluide.In taurine level decreases, thereby decreasing the resistance and keep the fortei.Pentru taurine during exercise , take a supplement before training.

For good energy combine whey protein with taurine and caffeine and eat them before training .